Find what is the Future of the IT sector during the online business event Business Talks Better & Beyond


What will be the future of the IT industry? Why is cybersecurity a growing issue nowadays? Which department is responsible for the employer branding in the company – HR or PR? How does a Bulgarian IT company manage to achieve global expansion? Several different questions, the answers to which we will hear in the upcoming virtual event Business Talks Better & Beyond, this Thursday (08.04) from 14:00.

The future is full of surprises and the world is developing rapidly. We know only one thing for sure – new updates await us. That is why proven professionals will share their expertise in connection with current business trends.

Krasimir Kostadinov, Chief Technology Officer at Scalefocus, will share his knowledge about „Future of the IT industry”. The company is one of the fastest growing Bulgarian software development companies, with over 750 employees in offices in several countries. He will share his experience as a programmer from the distant 1995 until today. If you want to know what are the current directions of development in the IT sector – do not forget to register by Wednesday  for Business Talks Better & Beyond.

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An interesting discussion panel is forthcoming – a debate „HR vs. PR”. Be sure not to miss expert opinions on the topic „Where Employer Branding belongs as a hybrid profession?

PR experts Lyubomir Alamanov, CEO (Site Media) and Katya Dimitrova, CEO (Interimage) will be strong advocates of the idea that the communication of the employer brand belongs to the communicators.

Ivelina Zhelezcheva, CFO (Fadata) and Kamelia Atanasova, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition Manager (Pontica Solutions), will be advocates of the idea that everything related to the „People – Business” strategy belongs to the „Human Resources” specialists.


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