Big Money from Small Lists Telesummit 2015

Eveniment big money from small lists summit

Big Money from Small Lists 2015

Antreprenor in Romania iti recomanda evenimentul „Big Money from Small Lists Telesummit 2015”. Materialele si prezentarile fiind in limba engleza, acestea sunt recomandate celor care cunosc acesta limba straina. De asemenea, pentru a nu altera prin traducere mesajul organizatorilor, regasiti in continuare detaliile pentru inscrierea GRATUITA si informatiile pe care le veti asimila prin participarea la acest eveniment online.

Don’t you need a big list to make big money?

No! We are going to show you how you can build a business that surpasses your greatest expectations no matter how big (or small) your list is! In fact, some of the experts we interview make a healthy high-five figure income even WITHOUT a list!

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • Want to share your skills and expert knowledge with others — but lack a list of subscribers?
  • Feel frustrated that your list is still under 1000 despite years of effort?
  • Wish you could really push your business forward, but feel that it’s impossible?
  • Exhausted with juggling finances and long for a serious payday?
  • Disappointed with the lacklustre results of your networking?

Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to be your own boss, in charge of everything you do—and no tiresome roadblocks holding you back.

What you didn’t realize that this gig came with sleepless nights, incredible stress and results that can feel like a crushing invalidation of all your hard work so far.

It’s simply too easy for entrepreneurs like you—even the most talented—to throw in the towel and head back to the humdrum, stable life of a regular nine-to-fiver.

Don’t—Because You May Be Doing Just ONE thing Wrong!

Entrepreneurs can sometimes get lost by chasing the one thing they believe really works in building a business: building the list.

Change that around and focus on your current list, even if it’s tiny. The real truth is that if you talk to people on your list in the right way—you’re going to make a killing in profits.

It’s time to start creating big results from small lists: and all you need to do is make a little tweak to your current action plan and adopt some time-tested and proven methods that simply work.


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