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The European macro-region along the Danube corridor faces a number of societal challenges, with a shortage of skilled workers in the west and a lack of innovative power in the east. There are already some basic concepts for solving the issues on both fronts, mainly through STEM skills (science, technologies, engineering, math). Another fundamental approach is to improve people’s handson skills, so-called action competence, which is about applying knowledge in a targeted manner.

YES! EUSDR is established as platform for discussing tools and programs which empower young people to get engaged in entrepreneurship by reinforcing their high-level and transversal competences. Stakeholders and decision makers from education institutions, youth organisations, public administration and private business meet in order to initiate solutions for knowledge based entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is more a transversal competence consisting in achieving maximum proficiency in all 15 key competences that are descripted in European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. An entrepreneurial mind-set is also important for employees in order to contribute more independently to the success of bigger organizations. A link to vocational-educational training for employees is given. A dialogue on dual education is completing YES! EUSDR.

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Steinbeis Network Romania organises YES! EUSDR in frame of European Early Innovators Program (EEIP). Planning is based on an initiative, funded by Danube Strategic Project Fund in 2018, what resulted in several concepts for target oriented projects. One component is an innovative business plan contest, followed by a business simulation game on basis of real-life economic decisions what participating pupils have to take. Romania is identified as location for a pilot action which has great potential to be expanded to more countries in Danube Region. Forging a link between research and its application in business requires another form entrepreneurial skills of scientists. New generation of scientists will foster business development and contribute to regional development. At level of higher education, discussion will be about integrating entrepreneurship into curricula and combining it with mentorship programs. International speakers present those best practices, e.g. “Jugend gründet”, “ifempower”. It will be also shown and discussed, how to finance projects – as opportunities given by Danube Transnational Program are more than limited.

Participants of YES! EUSDR are invited to contribute to the success of the event actively by coming up with comments, questions and proposals.

CITEȘTE ȘI:  Techsylvania 2024: 2 zile pline de networking, inovatie și inspirație

About main organiser:

Steinbeis Transfer Centers (STC) are part of the Steinbeis Network, an international service provider in entrepreneurial knowledge and technology transfer. Specialized in chosen areas, Steinbeis Enterprises’ portfolio of services covers consulting; research and development; training and employee development. In Romania, Steinbeis is established as legal entity since 2005. Network of Romanian STC is growing. Agreements on establishing two new STC will be signed in frame of YES! EUSDR.

Event website:
Date:               26.06.2019; 14:00 – 17:30
Venue:            Bucharest, Palace of Parliament, Human Rights Hall
Format:           roundtable


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